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Spaghetti Experience

Learn to make the famous Spaghetti Pasta and tiramisù in local homes with this hands-on cooking class. Discover, cook and experience the most iconic Italian dishes with expert home cooks in their own homes. This is a shared cooking class held in a carefully selected local home in Positano

Spaghetti Lovers

Unique Experience at local's home

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Learn how to make a spaghetti one of most iconic local dishes. we will show you how you can make a good pasta by your hand

we love to share with you 2 different kind of spaghetti,with 3 different kind of souce, cherry tomatoes, lemon spaghetti, and local cilly spaghetti. we also make a good tiramisù. you are also welcome with good aperitivo of prosecco,cheese and fresh salami. we will sped a time toghether in our house ,we love to tell you the history of those dishes, you are welcome like our friends in unique italian cooking class experience. enjoy your creation and eating all toghether. discover ,cook,enjoy garden tour. I ll teach you our old family secret for authentic and unique experience.

- welcome appetizer

- garden tour

- mozzarella and tomatoes,ricotta

-grilled vegetables

-spaghetti with cherry tomatoes

-lemon spaghetti


-wine, sopht drinks,limonce

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