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Gnocchi & Tiramisù

this is a cooking experience,we will coming to pick up you in main square of montepertuso.Than we will welcome into our own villa,where we offer in apertive and start to show you how can prepare fresh gnocchi our my old mum made it. we will show you all secret to do the best tiramisù. you going directly to the nature,our garden,where we pick up fresh vegetables and fruits.

farm to table

local experience

you will welcome with good aperitive prosecco smoked chees and salami. we love two share with you two different king receipes of gnocchi. the first one with tomatoes souce with mozarella and parmigiano cheese. the secound one our unique and family recipes gnocchi with limoncello. you can eat your lunch/dinner sipping a good local wine.

-garden tour experiece

-welcome appetizer

-grilled vegetables

-gnocchi with tometoes souce "alla sorrentina"

- gnocchi with limoncello



-wine and sopht drinks


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