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Fried Pizza & Street Food

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Pizza and Tiramisù class with local mum in Positano.

we are waiting for you to spend an unforgettable day together, in the kitchen then knead hands and knead the pizzas. a classic and tasty dish, we will stuff them and also strips of pizza with rocket and flakes of Prmigiano. step by step we will show you how to do it and together we will prepare them by showing you all the secrets of a perfect dough. In addition it will accompany a good glass of sparkling wine, or a good Italian beer. There will be an excellent dessert, with an incredible view between the sea and the mountains. there are stairs to reach our villa.

Street Food 

unique Experiece at local's home

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welcome to our hous to learn the secrets how you can prepare a really good pizza a local home cook. we show you steps by steps how you can make two dishes: Pizza and Tiramisu. are you ready so take your hands in the dough and rollelled our pizza like a true italian, we show you all technique. we love to prepare all togheter different kind of pizza, local famous pizza margherita, with ricotta and lemon peel, fried calzoni, and zucchinni flower. do not miss this teach how can make in a few step a good tiramisù. tasting our limoncello. this is a family and friendly lesson, we love to give you all attention and fun. we will tell you old history of this place. you are welcome in our house like a friend

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